Sunday, May 6, 2012

Three Key Mistakes Users Make When a Hard Drive Fails

1. Relying On Un-trusted Data Recovery Software
We all are subject to this: whenever we have any kind of problem in our life, our first move is always to go to Google and see we can find a solution to that problem. The issue with this when you have had a hard drive crash is that often the search results you will get will direct you to data recovery software companies.
If your operating system cannot access user data and files, how are you going to recover them. Well, you can always plug in the hard drive to another computer that already has an OS installed and retrieve the lost data from there. This is a point a lot of people miss.
2. Computer Repair Help
Calling for help is definitely not a negative. In fact, if you actually have a physically crashed hard disk, the best thing to do is call a professional data recovery service right away.
The unfortunate thing, however, is that most people do not actually contact a professional hard drive recovery
Computer repair can be expensive and often times unnecessary. These companies like to gouge consumers and feed off their lack of knowledge. Simple 5 minute fixes can cost you several hundred dollars.
3. Video Killed the Hard Drive
Everyone loves YouTube. Where else can you learn to rebuild your carburetor while watching an old episode of Dukes of Hazzard?
We all love to do things ourselves these days, and YouTube provides a lot of incredibly good instructional video. Check out some of the newest videos and techniques around. Their how-to videos on data recovery can be helpful, if not a life saver.

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