Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Client Deleted an Important E-Mail Folder

Here is a good example of why you should backup your data regularly. There is absolutely no excuse for losing data via unintentional deletion or hardware and software failure as an online data backup service or a hosted Microsoft Exchange service could have saved the day in this following situation.
I had an pressing call from a guest today. She had unintentionally erased a folder within her lookout Pacific Standard Time file. This came about to be quite substantial leaflet with all symmetry from one certain e mail explanation, which was the primary electronic mail account for a subsidiary company. The folder was unintentionally removed and un-knowingly purified from the reuse bank identification number. A whole heap of critical commercial enterprise electronic mail informations lost.
After initial inspection it turns out that the original backup process for the email data wasn't being adhered to, as the procedure was taking too much time to run as a consequence of the magnitude of data having to be backed up on her laptop. Approximately 8Gb of email data in 2 PST files, along with numerous other folders of user data.
The recovery method was quite expensive for our client. She was sent a bill for almost $300 to recover the lost and deleted email data. The email folder had been deleted but the service was able to recover it in a matter of minutes. The data was very important, so our client felt the need to have it recovered. 8GB of lost emails is insane! This is why you should backup your data regularly. 

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