Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Preventing Data Loss in the First Place

Unexpected computer crashes that lead to a total loss of important business and personal data are making data prevention software essential for anyone who uses a computer. Almost anyone uses a computer to store files, from photos and music to secure documents. Most people tend to store their data on one personal computer, and this computer is usually their home computer. If their hard drive crashes or fails, it may be difficult to recover the lost data without professional help.

Top Features Available in the Best Data Loss Prevention Software

Top features to look for in good data loss prevention software include fast backup, minimal maintenance, efficient use of data space, easy accessibility, and high scalability. You also need data backup software to perform secure backups, which only accepts backup requests from clients.

Most users prefer software that perform fast and non-intrusive backups. Installation should also be easy. Most software can be installed easily and quickly in under 15 minutes. Remember; BACKUP your data so it doesn’t get lost. Make multiple copies if you need to. Quality data loss prevention software also allows users to restore their data using various devices anytime whether they are using browser-based restore options in their laptops and other mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPad.

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