Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Recovering Data From A System That Will Not Boot Due To Logical Disk Failure

Below are several techniques that would be typically used by a data recovery specialist to retrieve data from a drive with logical failure (i.e. will not successfully boot into Windows). Data recovery can be made simple with the proper techniques.
1) Access The Drive Using Linux
If your PC or laptop has a working DVD drive then download the latest version of Ubuntu in.iso format and burn this to a CD or DVD. You can choose to boot from the CD or ISO file. You can also try other forms of Linux such as redhat or Minx.
2) Remove The HDD & Connect It To A Second System
If you are unable to boot into Windows you could try removing the hard drive from the PC or laptop and connecting it as a slave/external drive to another PC or laptop. The second computer should read the hard drive and give you access to all your files, granted the hard drive is still working and data can be recovered. If your hard drive has truly crashed, the data will most likely be compromised.
3) Use The Ultimate Boot CD
This is a free CD image that can be downloaded via Google and burned onto CD/DVD. It contains a number of useful tools including a few programs specifically designed for data recovery. Booting from the CD will accessible the interface and accredit you to baddest and appearance the accordant abstracts accretion tools. For abundant explanations apropos application the alone accoutrement argue the affidavit which is usually provided from the download location.

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