Friday, May 11, 2012

Preventing Data Loss Easily

There are several ways to prevent data loss. Here’s a quick rundown of potential methods.
There are several products offering ways to make copies of your important files, if not all, therefore, you shouldn't have any excuse to not be able to make a copy of all of the documents you need in case you lose the original ones. You can even have a dedicated backup server. RAID 1 configurations are also nice. This allows your data to be mirrored in case your hard drive fails.
There are also products online that are very useful, as they can automatically backup files. To do this, you need to open the backup program, then, select the folders on your computer that contain all of your important, essential documents such as those work-related, as well as those pictures taken from several events and occasions which serve as your memories. Backup your important documents to a CD or DVD and place it in safe keeping. You can even back up your entire system as an ISO file type. This is a direct image of all of your files.
However, if you cannot afford these kinds of programs, then, you have no choice but to stick to the manual options. Backing up requires you to be disciplined and not be lazy, because you may be regretting it later when you can't look for the file you need.

Why Does Your Computer Crash or Fail?

What are some reasons why computers crash and hard drives fail? There can be many reasons, some of which are outlined below.
1. Due to viruses.
This is one of the most common causes of computers crashing and data getting lost. Whenever you purchase a laptop or a computer, if the seller doesn't already install an antivirus for you, they usually will recommend that you purchase a good one. You also need to update this software to protect your computer and your data from hackers, who attempt to steal your personal data and use it to make illegal purchases or even worse. Viruses can take over your computer and steal your bandwidth.
2. Overheating.
Desktop computers and laptops usually have built-in electric fans to help keep the system and machine stay cool, avoiding overheating. However, there are instances that commonly happen where these electric fans malfunction, therefore, causing it not to function properly, that it may not even work anymore. Computers need cool air to run, this is essential. Make sure your computer case is well ventilated. Also, clean out the dust at least once a year from inside the case. This can help reduce heat and make sure your hardware is running in good operating condition.
3. Malicious software.
In the technology world, not only viruses exist. There are various kinds of software nowadays that contain not only viruses, but also Trojans, malware, worms, adware and so many more. Be careful what you download. These programs can cause hard drives to fail and data loss to occur. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Backing Up a Windows Server

Choosing the best windows server backup should be a company's top priority. The hub in any manufacturing or business firm is the server. Since it contains the database with the systematized collection of production and transactions down to minute details, loss of data held in the server can lead to total breakdown of company functions and services. This is why it’s very important to backup company data. If data loss occurs, you want your business to be secure and ready for recovery.
Selecting a software with all the right features is a must. The top servers include a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in and command-line tools that can solve basic backup and recovery problems, including four wizards for running these processes. You can recover files, folders, applications, system settings, and a variety of other data points. If your hard drive fails, every piece of data can be restored.
One great advantage of the Windows Server is its automatic running ability once scheduled. One-time backups to support scheduled events can also be performed. Local or remote computers can also be created and managed with this backup. To choose this software, online service providers can be consulted on the Web. Prices can be expensive, so select the right provider and software. Always be prepared hen data failure strikes. Look for the best solutions and be ready for the worst at all times.

How to Backup Your Data Remotely

CD-ROM. This is probably the least technologically savvy way to back up your information, but there is something going for it - it can be cheaper than the other methods, and it does work. DVDs are another great method of backup. They store even more data than a CD, making them idea for backing up pictures,videos, and user profile data.
External hard drive. External hard drives are quickly becoming a steady addition to the "must have" electronic list. Just like the name implies, an external hard drive is basically a second hard drive that is outside of your computer. You connect to it either by a USB cord or through Bluetooth (for the more advanced versions), and then you can load it up with files. These external hard drives hold a huge amount of data at a reasonable price. I personally use a 250gb external drive for all my files. It also provides mobile access if you carry the hard drive with you.
Remote computer backup services. These are the newest and most technologically savvy way to back up your files. Essentially, you pay a fee to a third party, and then you can remotely back up your files any time you want. Carbonite is one of the leading hard drive backup services. They offer a mobile app for your cell phone as well. If hard drive failure strikes, be sure to use one of the methods listed above. You never know when your hard drive may fail or crash.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Three Key Mistakes Users Make When a Hard Drive Fails

1. Relying On Un-trusted Data Recovery Software
We all are subject to this: whenever we have any kind of problem in our life, our first move is always to go to Google and see we can find a solution to that problem. The issue with this when you have had a hard drive crash is that often the search results you will get will direct you to data recovery software companies.
If your operating system cannot access user data and files, how are you going to recover them. Well, you can always plug in the hard drive to another computer that already has an OS installed and retrieve the lost data from there. This is a point a lot of people miss.
2. Computer Repair Help
Calling for help is definitely not a negative. In fact, if you actually have a physically crashed hard disk, the best thing to do is call a professional data recovery service right away.
The unfortunate thing, however, is that most people do not actually contact a professional hard drive recovery
Computer repair can be expensive and often times unnecessary. These companies like to gouge consumers and feed off their lack of knowledge. Simple 5 minute fixes can cost you several hundred dollars.
3. Video Killed the Hard Drive
Everyone loves YouTube. Where else can you learn to rebuild your carburetor while watching an old episode of Dukes of Hazzard?
We all love to do things ourselves these days, and YouTube provides a lot of incredibly good instructional video. Check out some of the newest videos and techniques around. Their how-to videos on data recovery can be helpful, if not a life saver.

RunCore Pro V MAX 240GB Solid State Drive Preview

Just like the original Pro V, the Pro V MAX model is shipping in 60GB, 120GB, 240GB and a massive 480GB capacity size.

RunCore claims a maximum read speed of 560MB/s and a maximum write speed of 525MB/s. The actual performance is higher than the specs say, which is always a good thing. Users should be happy to see this. This hard drive blows the competition out of the water when it comes to input/output speed, and is idea for performance and data recovery.

The Pro V MAX uses a 2.5" form factor that is 9.5mm high. RunCore just announced a new 7mm z-height drive, but this is not it. Our test sample arrived OEM style - no retail box, desktop adapter bracket, SATA cable or documentation, but all of these are included with the retail drive.

Also included is a software package that is pre-installed on the drive itself. You can download special drivers from their website, which may be needed for installation of an operating system. If the hard drive crashes or fails, you can use a special software driver to help recover lost data.

At the time of writing the new Pro V MAX is a new product for RunCore and not many are available in the wild. MyDigitalDiscount.com has the 240GB model that we are looking at today listed at $469.99, but we look for this price to change soon.

Crucial Solid State Drives at All Time Low Price Point

The fact that Crucial would be a leader in competitive SSD pricing has been front and center for quite some time now.
In fact, only a few days ago we posted what we thought to be a great deal on the Crucial M4 128GB SSD as it broke the $1/GB barrier and seemed to be a sign of things to come.

It seems like Crucial has done it once again. They have dropped the price of some of their most popular lines and increased production. Solid state drives are suddenly becoming affordable. Their latest prices put them under $1/GB. This should make things interesting, especially among their competitors.

Crucial/Micron  makes no secret of the fact that they ‘Own the Fab’ which, as Wayne Eisenberg had predicted in an earlier report, puts them in a very unique position with so few other NAND flash memory manufacturers to literally control market pricing of SSDs.

This morning at Amazon.Com the Crucial M4 256GB SSD hit an all time low of $199.99 which now brings the bar of SSD pricing to a low 78 cents a gigabyte. Check this link out and grab one before their gone!!!