Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Which Backup Service is Right For Me?

There are many backup services out there vying for your money. If you're interested in purchasing a service, there are some basics that everyone should consider, no matter how small or large their business may be. If your data needs to be preserved, you need a backup plan and the easiest way to get one is sometimes to have an outside provider. Here are some criteria to consider.
How Fast is Their Service?
If you're using an online backup provider, they should be able to provide you with an estimated time to backup your files based on their size and your Internet speed. You'll have to talk to a salesperson and they may need to consult with someone to give you a valid estimate for the time involved. If you have very small amounts of data, this really isn't that important. If you have a large amount of data, however, it's imperative that you have some idea of how long the backups will take.
Where is the Data Stored?
If you're buying a backup system that you run at your own company, the answer to this question is an easy one. The complication comes in when you have to figure out how to secure all that data. If you're using an online backup provider, ask them the following questions for a start:
- How much uptime to you guarantee for your backup servers?
- Where are your backup servers housed?
- Is there access control at your server location?
- Are your servers at a full-fledged datacenter?
- Are there alternate servers in case access is lost to the main server?

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