Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fixing the Xbox 360 E74 System Error

After searching the web for a good solution to my e74 error message, I think I may have found the best solution to fix my broken Xbox 360 hard drive. Find a good service that will help you with the e74 error and look for good step by step videos that help you solve the problem. 
After paying $30, I gained access to:
- Step by step videos
The videos were well-made, high quality, and easy to follow. The instructions given during the videos were clear and precise, so just about anyone could perform the fix.
- Instant Access
The instant access provided by this E74 fix was probably one of the best aspects. Instead of 6 weeks or more of waiting on Microsoft to fix your console, you can dive right into your fix, and most likely have a working Xbox 360 in an hour or less. Just download the files, and you are set to fix your console.
- Support via email and telephone
Surprisingly, the live support was extremely helpful. I just had a few minor questions, and they provided me with the answer quickly.
Here are the outcomes:
- My Xbox 360 no longer has the E74, or any other problems like the RROD.
- The fix only took a little more than an hour.
- I saved myself $70 and weeks of not having my console (and not being able to play COD).
I am thoroughly pleased with the outcomes of buying the E74 Fix. I would recommend the fix to anyone whose console has the E74, RROD, or any other common Xbox 360 problem. The ease of performing the fix, cheap price, and lasting fix is hard to argue against. Also, I feel that the best perk of this option is the fact that you have access to a reliable fix anytime down the line. The guide will fix virtually every Xbox 360 problem, so maybe sometime down the line when your console acquires another problem, you have the Swiss Army Knife of Xbox 360 Fixes.

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