Friday, May 4, 2012

Why You Should Use RAID 1 For Data Backups

RAID 1 data recovery is necessary when a RAID 1 configuration is used. The minimal configuration for this would be 2 disks, and will rise in increments of 2 as this particular configuration must be an even number of disks.
This particular set up refers to the fact that the disks have been set up to essentially mirror each other. Data stored on one disk if mirrored and instantly transferred to the other. That way, if one drive crashes or fails, you will have an exact copy waiting and ready for you. This is idea for data backup and recovery.
There are two different types of setups that refer specifically to RAID 1 which I will briefly touch on below:
Software RAID 1 refers to the fact that the disk drive relies largely on a combination of an SDC (standard drive controller) and a software utility to manage the various drives included in the RAID 1 volume. For Raid 1 to work properly, you must have an even amount of drives. Data cannot be mirrored unless it is paired or “matched” with its sister drive. Raid 1 are typically used in important business environments where customer data is crucial. They are also common among enthusiasts and those with important data to back up.

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