Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How is Your Network Traffic Data Stored?

What is Network Traffic?
            Network traffic is any data sent over a network interface card (NIC). This data is formatted and sent via a “packet” to other sources throughout the network. It is the most basic way that computers communicate with each other. Network traffic is comprised of many things, including DNS, Kerberos authentication, HTTP traffic, TCP/IP, ARP, and many other protocols. The most common type of traffic is hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), which is data we send and receive using a web browser and other applications. It is the foundation of the World Wide Web and the standard in network communication. Anytime you browse the web, you are creating lots of traffic and packets which are generally sent over HTTP. This data is typically stored on your hard drive and kept their until you delete it. Most individuals do not delete their history and even if they do, traces of it may be left behind. This data stays on the hard drive for extended periods of time. This data can be easy to recover given the right tools. If your hard drive crashes or dies, this data will be lost. Certain data recovery programs can be used to restore this information, if needed. 

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