Thursday, May 3, 2012

How a Natural Disaster Can Destroy Your Data

Thinking about Mother Nature could keep you up at night in a cold sweat, but unless you move your bed to the server room, you will never be able to sleep knowing your data is safe and secure at all times. Let's face it you don't have super powers, you wouldn't be able to save it from a wall of water even if you DID sleep beside it!
The beauty of virtualization is that you can obviate all of your in-house computer hardware. That means when a junky tempest strikings, your sensitive company info and substructure will not be affected.
Instead, your informations can be safely hosted in a bomb substantiation, rising tide substantiation, premium Tier 3 informations centerfield with 24 7 monitoring and expert back up, retrieval and upkeep for a bare fraction of the toll.
If you are already hosting your information virtually, ask you host about security policies and disaster recovery. Ask about the data center... is it certified Tier 3 or above? This certification guarantees certain security measures are in place. These hosts have invested in premium data centers that will protect you from expensive downtime or natural disaster outages.
Cataclysms are ineluctable (if you 're superstitious, remember that next twelvemonth is 2012) but you can make a design to save your base from finding its effects. The visibles light may be out in your role, but your website wo n't go down and your customers wo n't even notice.
It may FEEL safer to see your servers at all times, but actually, you can give less to store your informations most in a much safer surroundings. Ask yourself this interrogation - the next time disaster strikes, how safe is your informations?.

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