Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Don't Use a USB Flash Drive as Your Only Backup Solution

A flash drive just isn't necessarily a reliable option to store your unbacked up data.
Rarely do users consider how reliable data stored on a pen drive really is. It’s a great source for backing up your data but there are some downsides. USB drives can be lost easily and often times get damaged. I recently had a 4GB USB flash drive stop working out of the blue. It simple would not be read by any computer I plugged it into. I ended up losing all my data, mainly Xbox 360 saved games.
If the pen drive is inserted into the computer's USB socket incorrectly then both might be damaged. The electrical reversal may damage the ram stick electronics. Also the connector may be damaged. Usually a user will inclose a USB drive in the front USB socket of a PC, or side socket in a laptop computer. This means that it can very easy be got and dead set or broken from your USB socket. When this happens the USB driveway will almost certainly finish to run and the info will be lost. Additionally the PC may finish up having a incorrect USB socket.

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