Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Configuring Internet Explorer Security Settings

Internet Explorer Security Settings
·        Since most users will be accessing the internet via Internet Explorer, it is important to configure the security settings so computers are less vulnerable to outside threats.
·        You will first want to install the Internet Explorer Enhanced security configuration from the add or remove programs dialogue box.

·        After installation you can open Internet Explorer and begin configuring the necessary security settings.
·        In IE, select tools -> Internet Options. Then select the advanced tab. This tab lists a variety of security settings you can configure.

·        These security settings let you enable the use of SSL encryption and also let you check for signatures on downloaded programs.
·        You can also check for certificates and certificate revocation as well as enable integrated windows authentication.
·        Clicking the security tab will bring up security level for zones. By default, the IE security level is set to high. This high setting disables some functionality but makes the browser more secure.

·        You can also use custom settings by selecting the custom level option at the bottom of the security page.

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