Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Accessing Deleted Files from an SD Card

You know that you have quite a challenge before you when all attempts made by you to access your deleted files or lost data from your SD card fails. It is a frustrating experience.
One thing you need to realize quickly is that when the recovery of your missing data is not done correctly, you could end up damaging your digital memory card beyond repair. That way, accessing any deleted files on it becomes almost impossible.
There are several options that are presented before you the moment an accident or mistake occurs that puts your stored data on your card at risk; no matter the extent of damage done or how priceless your lost information is - DO NOT PANIC!
Surprisingly, this is what most people caught in this situation do - PANIC.
You need to realize that help is available and that there are tools that you can deploy to your credit that will get the job done instantly.
One helpful tool is a PC or Laptop with an inbuilt card reader. Another helpful tool is a Memory Card data recovery software. Of course, you still require your SD card from which your stored data was deleted from.

The simple process to follow is as follows:
1. You need to install third party Memory Card (SD Card) Recovery Software on your PC or Laptop.
2. Run this application/program and follow the step by step recovery process tips. This is easy, trust me.
3. Plug in your SD Card to your PC via the inbuilt card reader port or get to connect your external card reader via the USB 2.0 port on your Laptop.
4. Get the Memory Card data recovery application to scan your SD Card for any deleted files, lost information.
A dialog window (box) should open where you will get to view all recovered files and data. What you are required to do is to view these files and select which ones you desire to save (keep). 

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