Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Introduction to RAID Configurations

RAID Configurations
     Doing server installs got me cerebration about RAID configurations and the altered setups and affidavit abaft application anniversary altered configuration. From a business angle point a lot of companies just assurance their IT technicians to use the best ill-fitted agreement for their business, after in fact compassionate the acumen abaft the RAID setup. Sometimes we are accustomed arrangement specs from our audience which cover the appropriate RAID bureaucracy although accepting done some of these installs I am still not assertive that they absolutely accept why the bureaucracy has been used.

    First off what does RAID angle for? Redundant Array of Inexpensive (or Independent) Disks. This is basically a arrangement of application assorted drives to act as one and as such you get several allowances out of them, such as back-up in case a drive fails or acceleration for account files faster and in some configurations you get both. However you do lose deejay amplitude for e.g. if you use 2 x 100GB drives in a arrest configuration, you will about accept alone 100GB of accumulator space.
And This Means....

     Understanding the use of RAID setups is accessible for if your business needs to advancement your servers or just change the accepted bureaucracy for something that apparel your business better. Budget and blow constraints are aswell things that should be advised afore authoritative any changes to your currently installed configuration. It's aswell advantageous to agenda that some setups are added able while utilising assorted RAID configurations on the aforementioned server.

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