Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to Backup your Data

Why should we back up our data? Most of us over time have figured out that we need to backup our computers and laptops. Hard drive failures and catastrophe will occur and it is just a matter of when it will occur not if. Many of us have already experienced a computer crash and have spent hours or days trying to piece back our computers before we could start working again. Data loss costs business billions of dollars a year and yet it can all be avoided. Floppy disks, DVD's, tape and even online systems can be set today to work in the related and keep our computer backup's up to date, so what is the problem. Why when tragedy occurs do we still lose data, days and even weeks restoring and trying to recover the latest versions of what we are working on.
The answer lies not just in how to backup your computer because backing up your computer doesn't do anyone any good if you cannot restore your data when you need it. Almost every backup medium and service has the same problems, restore.
1. CD, DVD -Media has limited lifespan, danger of losing disks and the media itself getting destroyed
2. Tape-Needs the tape drive to restore. Needs same software versions to restore. Media itself can get destroyed.
3. Online or cloud backups-Typically backs up incrementally and downloads in clusters. Large data files have to be re-built 2gb at a time. You need same software versions installed for reinstall to work properly. Trying to reinstall to new hardware is a nightmare. Not the way to go
I am sure everyone reading this has knowledgeable some if not all of the problems above. Trying to buy new hardware and then have to reinstall old software to make versions compatible to read the backed up files. To backup your computer the best method and one that every computer owner should be using today is a document administration software as a service (Saas). An Saas provides you the ability to backup all of your files in the background as you work. Various versions are tracked and can be referred back to. If catastrophe strikes, all you need is a web browser to access your Saas service and you can keep working.
Services like this not only allow you to backup your computer securely but to view, edit, share and access your files just as if you were sitting in front of your office computer. You can even use the service in your daily business life. Open a file from your secure cloud space or your local desktop. Every time you save that file, the latest version is saved "live" in your secure cloud work space. Never worry about a backup, hardware or software versions again. When catastrophe strikes just walk over to a web browser log in and open your word, excel or powerpoint. MS office tools will allow you to edit and share online without having Microsoft word or excel installed. You can open a PDF, edit and create pdf books online. All of your contacts, distribution lists and groups when uploaded can create an atmosphere where you can collaborate and share information and projects just like you would do with a fully customized version of Sharepoint.

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