Saturday, April 28, 2012

How Important is Backing Up Your Data?

Why Backup Solutions Are Important?
Backup solutions have now become essential for every professional and individual. All computers, including servers and their components, are subject to failure. That means sooner or later every business will be confronted with some type of computer failure. One potential result of such a failure is loss or corruption of crucial business data. When data loss happens, normally the option is to restore the data from a previously created backup of the hard drive. If that back up doesn't exist, the business in question can face disastrous results, especially if the data is about customer, financial or proprietary material. Many Businesses ignore the importance of reliable data backup until they suffer the unexpected data loss. While the cause of data loss is vary but the results are always dire. Nothing is as important to your business as the data that sits on the hard drive of your computer system.
Importance of Backup Solutions for Small Businesses
Backup solutions are very important for small industries. Because there are many backup options available to small businesses, including tape drives and tape libraries, NAS (Network attached Storage) and offline backup over the internet. These backup options when properly designed and maintained, then they can all offer carefree protection. It's always recommend that your management team held a meeting with IT department and consult about the creation of thorough backup solutions and disaster recovery plan for your company. If you are unsure of how to know about creating a disaster recovery plan contact an IT consulting firm that has experience in this. When discussing your backup plan there are certain options to consider, including how often perform the backups and what type of backup media is best suited for your business and computer equipment.. For most small to mid-sized businesses it's commended to make full backup once a day and at least one backup per week to be stored offsite in case of a theft, or a natural disaster. It's recommended that your system administrator tests the data restoration procedure once a month to verify that the system is working as expected and that the data in the backup media is the right format and is easily recoverable.
If your business has reliable backup for your server hard drives, recovering from a data loss event will be much quicker and cheaper. It will also require for fewer man-hours and related expenses to recover from. Not backing up your business data, especially mission-critical data is nothing short of a recipe for cataclysm. With a little planning and the right advice, you can safeguard that data and focus on growing your business.

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